Heather Strong joins SAM full-time as SAM gears up for a busy year

SAM is excited to announce that Heather Strong has officially joined the SAM Squad full-time. Heather has worked in partnership with SAM for the last 5 years providing guidance and support for SAM’s Strategic Operations. As part of the SAM team, Heather blends here 20+ years of ARM industry experience with her communication and organizational techniques to help companies every step of the way during the debt sales process. She helps manage the anxiety for both first-time and seasoned sellers by ensuring a smooth and successful sale, while maximizing the returns on their distressed assets. Heather Strong is adept in coordinating people and workflows having efficiently managed hundreds of projects’ profitably and on-time delivery for organizations of all sizes.

Heather’s experience is not just limited to debt sales, she is also a key player on SAM’s vendor matching team. Leaning on her experience at large financial organizations, Heather can anticipate her clients’ needs.  As a skilled “matchmaker,” Heather Strong has secured long-lasting business partnerships for hundreds of organizations, bringing them to the next level.

We could not be more excited to welcome Heather full-time! Welcome to the SAM Squad, Heather!

With the new addition to our team, SAM is ready to tackle a busy 2022. We are anticipating that a large amount of debt will hit the debt sale market in the latter half of the year. After nearly two years of limited lending due to the COVID-19 pandemic, lenders are back up and running in business as usual. In the first quarter of 2022 some industries are seeing lending exceed pre-COVID levels. We expect to see an increase charge-offs during the 2022 calendar year, especially when compared to the low volume of debt in the market from the previous year.

As many readers can personally attest, the ARM industry has experienced many changes over the last few years.  Throughout this change, SAM’s team is continuing to grow and adapt to meet the needs of our clients. With more resources at our disposal, SAM is more ready than ever to facilitate your debt sale from start to finish and bring your organization value during these challenging times.


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