Is a collections Master Servicing solution right for your company?

Managing a post charge-off strategy can be resource intensive and expensive.  Selecting, vetting and auditing your downstream collection vendors requires time and capital.  Are your contingency fees in-line with current market rates?  Is your return on investment being eroded by inappropriate settlement strategies? Are you effectively segmenting your charged-off accounts for the appropriate recovery strategy including legal?  Adding a receivables master servicing partner to your organization will save you time and labor and will give you access to the best-in-class technology for managing your accounts receivable.

Whether your focus is contact collections, pre-legal collections talk-offs, or litigation and judgement management, an experienced receivables master servicer will make these decisions and will be compensated based on their effectiveness. Partnering with a master servicer will grant you access to valuable insights gained through years of developing machine learning analytic models. Using data science to optimize your recoveries, you will be guided to pinpointed accounts that have the highest propensity to pay and predictions of how much they will be able to pay.  These types of predictive analytics will help you to focus your efforts on accounts with the highest potential yields while also mitigating your associated risk.

Ready to make the dive into bringing an accounts receivable master servicing partner to your business? Let SAM do the hard work for you and be your personal “corporate matchmaker.” With thousands of potential vendors in the market, we will do the leg work and narrow your search for you. Using our extensive, pre-vetted network of partners, SAM will find your perfect match based on the unique needs of your business.





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