SAM, Inc. Becomes Certified Broker by RMAi

Solutions for Account Management, Inc., better known as ‘SAM’, today announced that it has earned the highly regarded designation of Certified Receivables Vendor (CRV) after fulfilling the comprehensive national standards contained in RMAI’s Receivables Management Certification Program (RMCP). These standards have been recognized for exceeding state and federal laws and regulations through a series of stringent requirements that stress responsible consumer protection through increased transparency and operational controls.

“Earning the Certified Receivables Vendor designation is a significant achievement,” said RMAI Board President Marian Sangalang. ‘SAM, Inc. has demonstrated its commitment to adhering to rigorous consumer protection and professional standards that not only meet but often exceed state and federal regulatory requirements. Certified businesses such as SAM, Inc. set the global standard for the receivables management industry.”

“Watching RMAi evolve over the years from my days as a seller to a broker, I continue to be proud of our participation with such a progressive, professional industry guild.  Their dedication to education and regulatory compliance made the decision for SAM to become certified an easy one.” stated Lauren Miller-McIlroy, COO.

“By achieving individual and company certification, I have made a commitment to uphold the highest ethical compliance standards,” said Brenda Meli, Founder and President of SAM.  “With more than 45 combined years of receivables management experience, we continue to exceed our customer’s expectations through our staunch pursuit of excellence.

The CRV broker designation is granted to businesses who comply with rigorous standards concerning compliance, background checks, insurance, data security, vendor management, broker agreements, transactional due diligence, and establishing buyer and seller prerequisites. The expansion of the RMCP to include brokers allows RMAI to provide a “single compliance footprint” to the receivables management industry by touching on every stage of the debt lifecycle.


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