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Creating Long-Standing Partnerships With Our Clients & Our Vendors

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SAM is best described as your personal ‘Business Concierge’ or ‘Matchmaker’ for any outsourcing project or need.

Our business model is such that we create long standing partnerships with our clients and vendor partners.

Our role is to create, manage, and grow relationships with the organizations we serve to assist in finding best fits for current and future outsourcing projects as they arise.

SAM is not focused on only one area of outsourcing for its customers. There are unlimited ways that SAM is a resource to its clients and have been instrumental in helping our partners with numerous outsourced solutions.

We are continually researching and screening the marketplace to bring fresh ideas and emerging vendors into our structure.

SAM works on the principals of ethics, integrity, professionalism and doing what’s fair and equitable for all parties involved.

Time Savings, Cost Savings, New Relationships & Value to All Parties – The SAM Solution

Charitable Organizations Supported by SAM

Enhancing lives today and accelerating a spectrum of solutions for tomorrow.  Deepening our understanding of autism. Improving the lives of people across the autism spectrum.

The Maddie’s Message organization is an advocate of Furniture Safety with an unwavering commitment to help save the lives of children. They are dedicated to educate, inform and promote Furniture Safety Awareness.

The mission of Special Olympics is to provide year-round sports training and athletic competition in a variety of Olympic-type sports for children and adults with intellectual disabilities, giving them continuing opportunities to develop physical fitness, demonstrate courage, experience joy and participate in a sharing of gifts, skills and friendship with their families, other Special Olympics athletes and the community.


SAM has evolved over the past 15 years from a one stop solution for agency outsourcing to a total ‘Corporate Matchmaker’ concept of providing best fit solutions for any phase of the recovery and collection process and beyond. All at no cost to our clients!

SAM has expanded its network to hundreds of vendor partners and debt purchasers and it continues to broaden each day. The steady growth since 2004 has resulted in the onboarding of a Chief Compliance Offer in 2018, in addition to the enhancement of our due diligence process and the implementation of custom software designed to manage our Channel Partner Network.

SAM has been a key player in the management of distressed assets on behalf of our clients. SAM is representing major financial, FinTech, Retail, Media, Cable, Healthcare and other entities to market all types of portfolios via our extensive network of qualified, certified, compliant debt buyers.

SAM strives to be a personal ‘Business Concierge’ to our valued clients, who continue to engage SAM for all of their outsourcing needs and sale of assets.



  • Brenda Lee Meli, CRCP
    Brenda Lee Meli, CRCP

    A pioneer in the corporate matchmaking business, Brenda founded SAM in 2004 to help her customers navigate the complex, confidential, and confusing practice of finding the perfect revenue management partner. Driven by a mission to streamline the process, Brenda is best known for curating and nurturing an extensive portfolio of RMAi certified vendors to address a variety of business needs. As a serial entrepreneur, that spanned B2B and B2C businesses, she has a finely tuned sense of what it takes to be a good partner and how to delight customers. Drawing on 25 years’ experience in business development, creative marketing, credit, collections, and business process outsourcing, she sets the strategic vision for the company. In March 2020, she proudly achieved RMAi certification individually and for the company. RMA Certification number: P2003-1349
    Tel: 717-657-2963

  • Lauren Miller
    Lauren Miller

    Prior to joining SAM, Lauren was Vice President of Payment Solutions with Direct Brands, Inc., one of the largest direct- to-consumer distributor of media products in the United States, which operates iconic brands such as Book of the Month Club, Doubleday, and Columbia House. She had been with Direct Brands for over 13 years and oversaw the operations and performance of the Payment Solutions and Customer Service teams. She has an extensive background in establishing and managing payment strategies to reduce bad debt. Lauren has developed several best practices for internal and external collections, fraud/loss prevention, Customer Service and credit card processing. Her experience includes launching various debt sale programs, creating first party strategies, implementing third party collection programs, and introducing new payment options.

  • Heather Strong
    Heather Strong

    Heather has been working independently with SAM since 2017. Her 20+ year background includes managing recovery strategies for a major bank and vendor management for a debt buyer.

    In her role with SAM, Heather assists in various phases of operations, assessments, and business developement. She has been instrumental in assisting with SAM’s need for checks and measures as we continue to grow.


    Joe is a well-known compliance and operations expert in the account receivables management industry, having over 30 years’ experience as a “C” level or senior/executive operations leader for some of the leading banks, credit grantors, debt purchasers and collections agencies in the country. He is an ACA International Certified Instructor, receiving the Fred Kirschner Instructor Achievement Award in 2019. He has also been recognized twice by Receivables Advisor Magazine, as one of the Top 50 Receivables Professionals of the Year in 2019 and in 2018, Who’s Who in Compliance.

    RMA Certification number: P1406-1052
    Tel: 717-657-2963


  • Andy Robinson President, Chief Operating Officer Associated Credit Services, Inc

    “Brenda is one of the truly great people I have had the pleasure to meet and work with in my 25 years in collections. Brenda always demonstrated a work ethic, integrity and complete commitment to the clients she serviced above all else. We hated to lose Brenda, but as the innovative thinker and natural entrepreneur she has always been, it was only inevitable that she began her own enterprise....”

  • D.P. A Major Debt Management Company

    "Thank you for the call today. Also, please feel free to bring anyone to us who wants to work the medical! We will be happy to talk to them. We really appreciate the background work that you do. It truly expedites the whole procedure."

  • A.T. A National Accounts Receivable Management Firm

    "I have worked closely with Brenda and Lauren for almost a decade. During that time they have opened numerous doors and presented many opportunities for my organization. They have become an integral part of our growth plan. Utilizing their services has brought our organization to the next level. Their ethics and extensive efforts have been a huge benefit to me and my organization."

  • B.B. Multi-Billion Dollar Global Digital Retailer

    "SAM provides quality services that build long-term business relationships. They partner with you to navigate new territory and/or bring new talent into your organization. I would highly recommend SAM to companies seeking to expand their strategy and resources through seamless implementation."

  • C.B. National IRA Provider

    "We have completed the signed signatures this morning on the contract, and I have received all the detail information from -- at --- as well to get started. Thank you so much for the referral! I look forward to working with -- and his team. I honestly appreciate your time and assistance. You are a God send!"

  • H.S. Large Financial Institution / Debt Buyer

    "I have had a business relationship with Brenda for over 15 years. When she started her business SAM I was working for a large financial institution, we didn’t hesitate you use her services. SAM helped us to locate vendors that are still being used today. Upon my transition to a new position with a debt buying company, I didn’t hesitate to bring on SAM to help me find best fit for our various outsourcing needs. I highly recommend Brenda and Lauren."

  • Mike Gibb CEO at Canvas Business Media -

    “The ARM industry has Meli’s sister to thank for getting her into the business, but we are all better off thanks to her involvement.”

  • JW Top Home Security System Company in the USA

    Our experience with SAM has been extremely positive in all facets of our debt sale program.  The team at SAM are very thorough and keep both the debt seller and debt buyers service experience at a premium.  If you have never gone through a debt sale, SAM will guide you through the entire process.  If you are an experienced debt seller, you will find SAM a breath of fresh air to your processes.

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