Receivables and Debt Collection Management

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Welcome to SAM

SAM, Inc. Is a Solutions Provider

to its customers offering individual options to clients for various outsourcing opportunities. SAM strategically connects creditors, collection agencies, debt buyers, billing, and other specialty A/R servicing companies thru an extensive network of established partnerships that have been cultivated for over 20 years in the collections industry. Our network is continually expanding to bring fresh ideas and emerging vendors into the marketplace.


What Does SAM Do?

Assist clients in finding the right fit for their type
   of receivable, project, niche


With thousands of potential agencies & A/R vendors, we

   narrow the search thru our extensive network & contacts in

   the industry


 SAM does the leg work – due diligence


We provide customized solutions based on your business

   needs & specifications




What are the Benefits of SAM?

It’s easy to find agencies who want to work primes and seconds. SAM specializes in locating those tough-to-find vendors for markets and niches.


The best part is...there’s no cost extended to our clients and the final decision is always the client's!


SAM specialties include:

Late stage collections: tertiary thru OOS, Warehouse

Near Shore – Off shore solutions

Canada – Puerto Rico collections

BKR – DEC – Judgement recoveries

Late In-Statute & Out-of-Statute

Low Income Projects for Utilities

Small or ‘Micro’ Balance Collections

First Party Projects – IVR campaigns

Late Stage Healthcare

Billing and Insurance Claims Follow-up for Healthcare

Purchased Debt

Certified Minority Business Enterprise -  Supplier Diversity

Various other ‘niche’ industries


Owned and Operated by Brenda Meli

Ms. Meli is a Pittsburgh native and 20+ year veteran to the ARM industry.  SAM is a 100% woman owned business, incorporated in March 2004 based in Harrisburg, PA and a satellite location in Bear, DE. (READ MORE)


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